Hello, my name is Giorgio Lorenzetti, and I’m an Italian Lighting artist/CG Generalist. Here’s the “Making of ” for my Demo Reel piece “Reaching for the Stars” which I created at Think Tank Training Centre with Brent Elliott as my mentor.

The whole process was very tough and full of learning in many aspects. The breakdown is going to walk you through the entire process, including both the aesthetic and technical choices that were made.


I always find looking for a concept the best and the hardest part of a project. It’s the best because you are excited to start working on something that you like and because you get to choose what inspires you.

On the other hand, it can be a double-edged sword because what you really like is not always the best choice. As soon as you choose a concept, you also need to face artistic and technical choices to understand how to translate your picture into 3d.

I always find looking for a concept the best and the hardest part of a project.

I would say it is not only important to choose a concept that is both inspiring and impressive but one which owes itself to showing off your skills.

The concept I have chosen is an illustration by  Priscilla Wong for Mr. Peabody and Sherman, and it is an excellent example of colour and design.

Now that I have the concept I want to decide what story I need to tell – A kid who dreams of reaching the stars, with his imagination.

Finding the story in a project always gives me the right motivation to work on it. So it was at this point that I started to block in the scene.

The aim of this process is to identify the correct scale and proportions, for this reason at this stage it is important to make significant changes without fear or concern of mistakes. This allows me to understand the composition better and to identify the most important objects within the scene.

In this case, it was the Telescope, Airplane, and Bed. I then blocked the cameras and made a storyboard.